Biblical Theology of the New Testament

The Drama of Redemption:
From New Creation to Consummation

A Survey/Biblical Theology of the New Testament
Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020
Rev. Charles R. Biggs, Th.M.

  Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying,
  “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand;
  repent and believe in the gospel.”

  For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction,
  that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures
  we might have hope.

As part of the theology curriculum for this 2019-2020 school year, Providence Preparatory Academy and Loudoun Classical School are very pleased to announce this next year’s class: From New Creation to Consummation: A Survey/Biblical Theology of the New Testament class.

It is a survey/biblical theology of the New Testament, or the time of fulfillment, and is a sequel from last year’s From Chaos to New Creation: A Survey/Biblical Theology of the Old Testament. Last year’s class is not a prerequisite to taking and learning much from this year’s class. Pastor Charles R. Biggs will teach this weekly class at our church building on Friday mornings from 7:30-8:30 for adults and high school students.

This year’s class will be designed so that each student might master the books of the New Testament (Matthew to Revelation), gain a better understanding of the theological, literary, historical, and devotional/ practical content of the books with a proper understanding of the eschatological or progressive nature of historical revelation in Holy Scripture. We seek to focus much on application for life that is lived for the glory of the Father, through the mediation of the Son, in the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. All good theology is for devotion of the heart to the servant-life in Christ, in order that we might glorify and please God. This is our aim.

Goals of the Class (if each student follows assignments prayerfully and carefully, then…):
• Students will gain a better appreciation for the unity of the Bible, and the main story of Scripture revealed in Creation, Fall, Redemption and New Creation and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
• Students will learn how to interpret scripture with scripture (analogia fidei).
• Students will see how Christ is the “main character” of Scripture, and how He is revealed throughout the Story of Redemption.
• Students will be more familiar with Biblical concepts such as Covenant, Kingdom, Eschatology, and Apocalyptic and how they teach us about Jesus Christ.
• Students will understand better how the Kingdom is both inaugurated and awaiting full consummation (“Already Not Yet”).
• Students will master introductions to each New Testament book, with outlines, memory verses, and practical applications for growth in understanding and grace.
• Students will be able to put in one sentence both (1) The primary purpose/theological teaching of each New Testament book; and (2) The overall purpose/theological teaching of each book within the whole of the Biblical Story.
• Students will learn how to understand, appreciate, and interpret the Bible as literature, recognizing the different genres of the New Testament books.

Each week you will be given an outline on board or a handout to follow along, and Pastor Biggs will lecture on topics and encourage interaction from students. You will be asked to memorize outlines of Biblical books and scripture passages. In our first class together, I will teach you how to prayerfully and carefully answer in your journal these primary questions as you study each book:
• What is the Main Theme of this Book of the NT?
• How is the Triune God Revealed?
• How is Christ particularly revealed?
• How is man revealed? (FCF: Fallen Condition Focus)
• How should we then live? (Practical Application)

A Proposed Outline for the Class in Three Cycles:
Cycle I: The Story of Holy Scripture: The Redemptive-Historical Storyline of the Old Testament
Cycle II: Between the Testaments, Canon, Apocalyptic, and the Books of Daniel and Revelation
Cycle III: New Testament Theological Survey in Two Parts:
PART 1: Kingdom Fulfilled-Inauguration: Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ
PART 2: Kingdom Fulfilled-Consummation: Gospels, Acts, and Epistles

Note assignments for each student level:

All Students/Basic Level: You will be asked to read all of the New Testament over the summer before you begin the class lectures. During the year, you will memorize all 27 of the names of the books of the New Testament, and you will be able to break them down into appropriate groupings. Each week you will be asked to read and memorize certain passages of Holy Scripture to prepare you, and you will complete a journaling outline to complete for each class. You will be asked to come to class prepared to follow along and listen, taking notes where it is appropriate so that you will learn the most. All students will read and journal from two introductory volumes on Biblical Theology entitled Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible: A Guide to Reading the Bible Well’ edited by Wayne Grudem, C. John Collins, and Thomas R. Schreiner, and Geerhardus Vos’ classic, The Teaching of Jesus concerning The Kingdom of God and the Church.

Intermediate Students: You will do all of the basic level assignments and reading, but you will also read assigned portions of Willem VanGemeren’s most excellent classic The Progress of Redemption: the Story of Salvation from Creation to New Jerusalem and all of Herman Ridderbos’ Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures.

Advanced Students: You will asked to do all that is required of intermediate and advanced, and also read assigned portions of G. K. Beale’s masterpiece, A New Testament Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New.

REGISTRATION FEE: $35 (after August 23: $60)
TIME COMMITMENT: About 1-3 hours/weekly (in addition to the lecture time)


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